How to recycle Business Cards

Printed new Business cards, what do you do with the old business cards?If you're like us, throwing your old cards in the trash isn't even an option. Sure, you could recycle them, but there are so many cool things you can do with them. We found some practical ideas, some fun and artistic ideas, and even some ideas for repainting your old business cards.Check out this article to know how you can reuse and recycle your old business cards.

Know more about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the provision of on-demand computing services, from applications to storage and processing capacity, generally over the Internet and with a pay-per-use system.How does cloud computing work?Rather than owning their own IT infrastructure or data center, companies can rent access to anything from applications to storage from a cloud service provider.One benefit of using cloud computing services is that companies can avoid the upfront costs and complexity of owning and maintaining their own IT infrastructure and instead simply pay for what they use when they use it.In turn, cloud computing service providers can benefit from significant economies of scale by offering the same services to a wide range of customers.Visit this article to learn more about Cloud Computing.

Is it safe to travel to Morocco as a woman?

In short, YES! Morocco is a safe country for women travelers. As with all destinations, my best advice is to stay alert.The main crimes to watch out for are pickpockets and scams. As a traveler, you will have to be a little more on your guard because the unwanted attention of men in Morocco can be exhausting.Another question I am often asked is whether Morocco is safe for families? I have never been discriminated against in the country because of my nationality nor have I felt threatened. While you are unlikely to be in actual physical danger, petty crime and harassment can occur. Use your common sense, your best judgment, and follow my Morocco safety tips below and you can avoid real trouble.

UCaaS and CCaaS

UCaaS and CCaaS have similar functionality, but they are generally purchased from different departments and used for different purposes.UCaaS consolidates a company's business communication applications (including voice, video, messaging, and conferencing) onto a single cloud-based platform. IT typically purchases these solutions to modernize phone systems and streamline workflows. They are designed to support mobility and collaboration between offices, with features such as call routing and forwarding, conference bridging, virtual receptionist, and voice-to-email transcription.CCaaS also enables multi-channel communication through a single cloud-based platform, but where UCaaS is more focused on internal collaboration, CCaaS is focused on communicating with customers. Buying decisions tend to be made (or heavily influenced) by sales and service managers, and contact center solutions are designed to make it easy for agents to connect with customers, regardless of whether they are …

Is WordPress better than Wix?

We're discussing two exceptionally enormous names here: Wix has taken off in prominence as of late and flaunts a huge amount of superstar fans including Karlie Kloss. WordPress, in the interim, controls almost a third of the sites live today.They're both extraordinary platforms, yet they're in reality altogether different. Wix is a web designer, which implies it's anything but difficult to utilize, and any technical issues will be taken care of for you. Then,WordPress is an amazing CMS platform, which offers greater adaptability yet in addition requests more specialized expertise. But when it comes to making a choice between one of them, WordPress wins the debate with the majority of votes. WordPress is far better than Wix is a web publishing platform for any sort of site. While Wix offers a simple to utilize web designer, you can achieve much more with WordPress as time goes on.Another advantage offered is that WordPress is much better with regards to downloading and …

How to protect WordPress website from attack

It’s no hidden fact that WordPress is a very popular blogging and CMS platform empowering more than 70 million websites, right from small blogging websites to global brand websites. With the number of web-based malicious attacks on a rise every day, mainly due to the popularity of WordPress has in the market, It too has faced its share of virus attacks, making its security very important for each site owner.The security for WordPress cannot be ignored by website owners. Google blacklists around 10,000+ websites every day for malware and around 50,000 for phishing every week.There are different types of malware including Virus, Trojan Horse, Spyware, Ransomware, Adware, Cryptocurrency Miners.While there are various ways to protect your website against such malicious attacks, listed below are major 4 of them:
1.       Keep your site updated2.     Secure your login page3.     Create regular backups for your site4.     Install a security plugin
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What's new in Wordpress 5.5

The beta version of WordPress 5.5 is available and its release is scheduled for August 2020. This will be the second major version of WordPress of the year and will come with many new features and improvements.We have followed the development closely and have tested the first beta version to test the new features to come.In this article, we will show you what comes in WordPress 5.5 with features and screenshots.WordPress 5.5 will come with major improvements to the block editor UI. You'll notice borders around toolbars and buttons, new icons, and focus highlighting as you move between blocks as you type.